How to prevent bank transfer reversals


We want to help you make sure your funds always make it to your account. Bank transfer reversals may happen for a few reasons:

  • Wrong Type of Account 
  • Wrong Branch ID
  • Wrong Bank Account 
  • Wrong required identification number
  • Exceed the limits for transfers from your bank 

To prevent reversals, we recommend you to confirm that you’ve entered the correct information before you confirm the transfer. If you have any questions about a reversal, we suggest speaking with your bank. We don’t initiate reversals.

Also, deposits must be made from an individual account registered to your name and national ID number. If your deposit is not made from an individual bank account in your name, your money will be transferred back to your bank account with potential bank fees charged. For example, a deposit made from a joint bank account in you and your partners’ names will be returned.

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