Best practices


In order to secure your account, we recommend you to take the following steps: 

  • Never share your password: You will never be asked to share your account password or two-factor codes. You should never share this type of information with anyone
  • Create a strong password: Please consider using a combination of uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers as well.
  • Use unique passwords: We don’t recommend using the same password you’ve ever used for another website
  • Change your password: To make sure your password is always fresh and secure change it every once and awhile. 

We offer the best practices when it comes to password strength verification through password length, password complexity, and passphrases.

Paying attention to your account is one of the best ways to stay secure from malicious actors. If you see any unauthorized activity in your account, please let us know by sending an email to and we'll work to secure your account so you keep control of your information and money.

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